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January 13, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Scientists have successfully trained the human immune system to kill cancer, says a new report. Reprogramming a patient's own immune system led to high rates of remission, but still requires more testing before it can be used widely.Dental equipment always contains bacteria and is never completely clean, found a recent study. Disinfectants and cleaners were found to be ineffective in fully eradicating all signs of bacteria, which is a cause for concern in the dental industry.And... your home may not be safe from bacteria either. Whether it's a jungle hut or a high-rise apartment, your home is covered in bacteria. And the more urban your dwelling, the more human bacteria from your body lives on the floors and walls. Because there is "good" and "bad" bacteria, experts suggest opening up windows frequently to balance out the good and bad. With 'spring cleaning" a reality soon, something to keep in mind.For RadioMD News, this is John Byrd. Hear health talk interviews with top experts

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