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January 16, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Scientists have found the part of the brain first affected by Alzheimer's disease, a section of the brain responsible for blood vessel activity and interconnectedness of the entire region. Researchers believe engaging in mentally challenging activities could help prevent development of the disease.This is RadioMD News... A landmark study suggests testosterone treatment is no fountain of youth, but can help improve sex lives and mood of a select group of older men. The government study is the first solid evidence of the level of effectiveness of the treatments on symptoms blamed on aging.And... give that man a hand. Literally. After scientists mapped his brain, a man was able to control the hand of a prosthetic limb just by thinking about it. In what experts think is a first, he was able to do so without any extensive training on how to do so. Researchers are hopeful that the new method may eventually lead to prosthetic limbs that react and interact with the brain just as real ones

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