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January 30, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Scientists have developed a technique to obtain the earliest type of stem cells, which they say could lead to advances in regenerative medicine. These early type of stem cells can be turned into whatever kind of cells that may be needed, to potentially treat damaged organs and tissues. Seniors who use computers as little as once a week may help ward off age-related declines in memory and thinking, new research detects. The study found that those who did use a computer showed a 42% lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to dementia.And... happiness may harm your heart? On rare occasions yes, suggests a new study. Previous research has found that extreme emotions such as grief, anger and fear can trigger heart attacks and even death. The condition is rare, and experts refer to it as broken heart syndrome. But in some instances, the condition can be brought on by a very joyful event. Considering it's a Monday, I'd say it's quite likely you're safe for today a

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