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February 15, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdDespite the common belief that women with what is called "dense breast tissue" are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, a new study finds that that may not be the case. At the moment, almost all women with dense breasts are advised to consider supplemental screening.Researchers have announced they have discovered the region of the brain that processes speech. The hope is that by determining what area specifically dealt with this activity, doctors in the future can better assess how to help people who have cognitive ailments, including those that have suffered brain trauma.And... want to look younger? Make sure you are getting enough sleep. New research has found that missing just 2 hours of sleep per night for less than a week can have a serious impact on your physical appearance, including droopy skin and more wrinkles. Experts recommend between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Perhaps Sleeping Beauty was on to something after all.For RadioMD News, this is John Byrd. Hear he

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