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February 24, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdA diabetes drug recently approved by the FDA has been found to aid overweight or obese patients lose weight, finds a new study. Larger doses of the injectable drug liraglutide helped people lose more than 12 pounds by signaling the brain that you've eaten enough and feel full. Men with low testosterone levels have been found to suffer from depression at a much higher rate than among the general public, says new research. More than 50% of men with 'Low T' were also discovered to have depression issues. Experts aren't sure yet why there seems to be a connection.And... could the color of your eyes predict potential alcohol dependency? According to new data, yes. Those with lighter colored eyes were found to be at higher risk for developing a drinking problem than darker-eyed people. The link between alcoholism and eye color was strongest amongst blue-eyed individuals. Researchers say there is much work to be done to figure out exactly why the correlation exists. Since I have blue eyes

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