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March 1, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Taking an low-dose aspirin a day has been tied to a lower risk of colorectal cancer, finds a new study. If taken continuously for at least five years, it can reduce your risk by 27%. Aspirin carries it's own risks however, including gastrointestinal bleeding. Experts recommend consulting with your doctor first.Omega-3 supplements, often referred to as fish-oil may not have as much impact on brain health as previously thought, says new research. The reason may have to do with the molecular differences between actual fish oil found in fish, and the type that is found in supplement form. And... pull up a stool... your hamburger probably has fecal matter and other nasty things in it. Consumer Reports found it in all of the store-bought beef in it's extensive test. And that's not all. 20% of the samples had another bacteria that sickens over 1 million people a year and 10% contained toxins that don't go away when cooked. "Grass-fed organic" beef faired slightly better. All in all, pre

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