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March 8, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdA simple blood test has been found to accurately determine if someone has suffered a concussion and the severity of it, finds new research. A protein is released in the brain after neurons are damaged in a concussion. The blood test was found to be nearly as accurate as a CT scan.E-cigarettes may not be as safe as some people assume. New data found those who reported e-cigarette use were twice as likely to have breathing problems than those who had never smoked. Other studies have found e-cigarette use can often lead to smoking traditional cigarettes.And... could back yard grilling be dangerous to your health? Consumption of meat cooked at high temperatures ups your risk of cancer, found a new study. Over-cooking or charring meat has been thought to increase the risk for some time, but now experts have found a link to carcinogens when meat is even cooked over an open flame or at high temperature. The solution? Slow-cooking and moderation on how often you consume grilled meats.For

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