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April 2, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.A startling new study finds that Americans consume so much highly processed food, it makes up 60% of our calorie intake. Highly processed foods have much of the important vitamins, minerals and fiber stripped out of them and contain very high levels of fat, salt and sugar. All that leads to weight gain. The biggest culprits? Fast-food, lunch meats, snacks and those handy frozen or read-to-heat meals.This is RadioMD News...Pregnant mothers who routinely take iron supplements may not be doing themselves or their baby much additional good, says two new reports. Unless you're suffering from iron deficiency, taking the supplements has been found to be unnecessary during pregnancy. And... keep away vampires with garlic, yes... but "superbugs"? Scientists were shocked to find a 1,000 year old remedy for eye infections, consisting of garlic, onions and part of a cow's stomach to be 90% effective in killing off types of drug-resistant bacteria. No word on how it tastes, but it sure sounds

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