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Families Managing Food Allergies

May 20, 20159 min
Effective food allergy management is necessary at all times and in all situations.The pillars of food allergy management are prevention and emergency preparedness. Very small amounts of food allergen can cause anaphylaxis (severe, life threatening, allergic reaction). To prevent accidental exposure those responsible for kids with food allergies must effectively read labels, prevent cross contact, use efficient cleaning strategies, and communicate clearly.Those responsible for children with food allergies must be able to recognize an allergic reaction, have epinephrine (first line, treatment of choice for anaphylaxis) available, know when and how to use it, and know to contact emergency services immediately. These strategies are always necessary. Anyone responsible for caring for a child with a food allergy must ensure that these strategies are in place.Michael Pistiner, MD, a pediatric allergist from Boston, is here to discuss the importance of preparedness when dealing with a child with food allergies. More information about Medical Home Chapter Champions Program on Asthma, Allergy and Anaphylaxis

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