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Food Allergy Awareness For All In The Community

May 20, 20159 min
Food allergies are increasingly common, have the potential to be life threatening, and are effecting children in all of our communities.Unlike many chronic conditions, food allergies can impact not only the child and family that are coping with food allergies but those that interact with the child as well. Children with food allergies interact with their community on a constant basis and food plays a major role in lots of social activities and daily life. Also, kids have the important job of being kids and participating in sports, parties, playdates, and all the activities that kids need to learn and thrive.  They interact with many in their days and can't only be under the care of their families.  Coaches, teachers, hosts of playdates and parties, baby sitters, relative.  Lots of people play a role in the routine days of all children, whether you have a food allergy or not.Michael Pistiner, MD, a pediatric allergist from Boston, is here today to discuss the important part the community plays in keeping your kids safe from food allergies. More information about Medical Home Chapter Champions Program on Asthma, Allergy and Anaphylaxis

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