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Food Insecurity: Summertime Hunger

April 6, 20169 min
What happens to school lunch recipients during summer months?Food insecurity is a frightening reality. Some families do not have enough resources to purchase the food they need. One in five children lives in a home that is food insecure. This is the reason for the school breakfast and lunch programs. But, what happens with these children when school is out? There are programs like the Summer Food Service program that provide reimbursement to organizations that supply qualifying meals. Schools, government agencies, summer camps, day camps, churches and community organizations tend to participate in this program. Community food banks still provide food for needy families throughout the year. If you are able to volunteer or donate, you can help thwart food insecurity. You can also approach food banks to be sure your children have enough food for summer if you are having difficulty.Listen in as Corinn Cross, MD, shares how you can be sure needy children are well-fed during the summer months.

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