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Getting Your Kids to Play Outside

May 11, 20169 min
Learn tips for getting your kids to play outside.In the past ten years, the dynamic of child’s play has changed. Today’s adults grew up in a world where outside activity was a normal part of daily life. Meanwhile, today’s children have the world at their fingertips... all from their devices. They don’t see the value of a run for fun in the sun. It’s gotten so bad that some parents have to force a technology time-out, making outdoor playtime seem like punishment.
Start a daily routine of going outside early in your child's life. Don't allow screens outside. Free play and running around are great for family involvement.As your child gets older, encourage sports participation. If Junior isn't interested in team sports, karate, cycling and gymnastics are great options. Physical education in school may be restricted by the drive for improved academics. Be sure your child has some outdoor activities after the school day ends.Bad weather? Create an indoor obstacle course or have a dance party. Active video games are another fun way to get the whole family moving.
Listen in as Dr. Tanya Altmann shares tips on how to get your kids to play outside.

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