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Good Dental Habits for Baby Teeth

February 17, 20169 min
What do you need to know about baby teeth?Teething time is stressful for parents and babies. Primary or baby teeth begin erupting between three and 12 months of age. The two lower front teeth tend to erupt first, and the two upper front teeth usually come in a month or two later.It's tough to know your child is teething before the vocabulary is there to explain the pain.It's also important to use this time to educate your child on good dental health habits.What do you need to know about baby teeth?

Using a clean finger to rub your baby's gums can help.
Chilled teething toys that can't break apart can feel nice on the gums.
Fever is not an indicator of teething.
Start good habits early. Use a gentle toothbrush or warm washcloth on the teeth each night as soon as the teeth erupt.
No bottles or sippy cups of juice or milk in bed because they promote bad habits and harm the teeth.
American Academy of Pediatrics endorses "Brush, Book, Bed." Brush teeth, read a book, go to bed.

Listen in as Dr. Elizabeth Murray discusses how to teach your children good dental health.

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