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Helping Children with Homework

December 9, 20159 min
What are some healthy homework habits you can teach your children?When it comes to school work, it's important to teach your child habits they can use while working on homework.That means designating a regular location and time to work on daily assignments.Some children get right down to work without much encouragement. Others need help making the transition from playing to a homework frame of mind. Sometimes, providing a ten-minute warning is all it takes to help a child get ready mentally, as well as to move to the place she intends to work.There is no universally "right" time to do homework. In some families, children do best if they tackle their homework shortly after returning home from school in the mid-afternoon; other youngsters may do best if they devote the after-school hours to unwinding and playing, leaving their homework until the evening when they may feel a renewed sense of vigor.How can you help your children with homework?Listen in as Adrienne Weiss-Harrison, MD, FAAP, shares how you can help set up healthy homework habits with your children.

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