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How to Talk to Your Child About Getting Lost

June 1, 20169 min
Prepare your child for large crowds with tips on being found when lost.Summer is popular for theme park experiences. With large crowds, long lines and lots of noise, it’s very important to keep track of your children. Even when you try to keep everyone together, your child can still get separated from you. You must talk to your children about what to do if they get lost.Your child should know his name, your phone number with area code and your home address. You can provide your child with this information on a card to keep in a jacket pocket or backpack. That card can be handed to an adult to expedite reconnecting. Your child should know the name of the hotel where you're staying.Your kids should also know to look for another mom with children or a person in uniform for help. Be sure they know NOT to go anywhere private with someone. They need to stay in a public place.When you travel, you may dress your kids in "team colors" so you can easily find each other. Use t-shirts or hats to make it easy to identify one another. Take a photo of your family before heading out for the day so you have a photo of what everyone is wearing that day.You may have to educate your child on how to behave when lost with a story. Big kids need to know not to wander off. Even adults use the buddy system and tell people where they're going.If your child disappears in a crowd, tell security immediately. Call 911 after 10 minutes have passed if needed. Use a recent photo to help locate your child.Listen in as Dr. Corinn Cross advises on how to educate your child on being found if lost in a crowd.

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