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How to Treat Your Children’s Cough & Colds

January 20, 20169 min
What are the symptoms you should be looking out for?Colds are caused by viruses, which are extremely small infectious organisms (much smaller than bacteria). A sneeze or a cough may directly transfer a virus from one person to another.What are the symptoms of the common cold?Once the virus is present and multiplying, your child will develop the familiar symptoms and signs:• Runny nose (first, a clear discharge; later, a thicker, often colored one)• Sneezing• Mild fever (101–102 degrees Fahrenheit [38.3–38.9 degrees Celsius]), particularly in the evening• Decreased appetite• Sore throat and perhaps difficulty swallowing• Cough• On-and-off irritability• Slightly swollen glands• Pus on the tonsils, especially in children three years and older, may indicate a strep infection.What are some treatment options?Listen in as Corinn Cross, MD, shares the symptoms you should look out for in your child and how to treat them.

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