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Martial Arts & Your Kid: Risk vs. Benefit

March 28, 201716 min
Should you enroll your child in martial arts classes?Martial arts teach body control and discipline. Studio classes often have kids teaching other kids. Advancing belts encourage achievement and moving to the next level. Injury risk doesn’t vary by gender. There is less chance for injury in the martial arts that don’t involve contact. Kicking is cool. Kids need to learn safety, avoiding kicks to the head. Proper form is important for physical benefit and sparring security. Protective equipment does not mean invulnerability to injury. Before enrolling your child, be sure the studio trains children. Ask about the rate of progression. Blows to the head should be discouraged in the technique. Talk to other parents. See if the older kids help instruct the younger kids because they may be protective of the young ones. Most importantly, your child needs to be happy and experience benefit from the form of martial arts you select. Listen as Dr. Chris Koutures and Dr. Rebecca Demorest join Melanie Cole, MS, to share what you need to know about enrolling your child in martial arts.

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