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Reconnecting with Your Kids

April 25, 201715 min
Feeling distant in your relationship with your kids? It's time to reconnect.Do you ever feel like you aren’t connected with your kids? Maybe they seem to push you away. How can you reconnect? It’s important to keep communication lines open. You never know when they will need you. Let them know you’re there for them if they need to vent. Ask about school, friends, activities and feedback about the family. Make a point to have one-on-one time with each child. Take opportunities with each child to stay connected. Put down your device when you check in so your kids know they are worthy of your time. Your teens may push away. They still need you and may feel hurt if you stop trying to connect. Even though they may resist, keep checking in and showing that you care. Take advantage of the five or ten minutes you get. Assure your individual children that you love them. Give them space to grow but remind them that you are there to talk any time. Listen as Dr. Corinn Cross joins Melanie Cole, MS with tips for reconnecting with your children.

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