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Safe Fun in the Sun

June 1, 20169 min
Keep your child safe from sunburn.Summertime means soaking up the sun. Sun safety is important for your child’s skin health. Clothing precautions, sunscreen and preparation for sunburn will help your kiddo throughout the summer.Dress your tiny babies in long sleeves and pants. Limit sunscreen on babies under six months of age. Shade is best between 10 am and 4 pm. Little kids can wear hats for shade. There is new clothing available with rash guard for sun protection. Sunglasses are also helpful for children.Spray sunscreen works well for bodies. Use cream, lotion or a sun stick from the shoulders up. For older kids and last-minute situations, use sunscreen wipes for arms and faces. Reapply when coming out of the water.When your teen doesn't want to use sunscreen, enlist examples of premature aging to educate her. Appeal to the vanity.If your child becomes sunburned, you can use pain relievers, cold compresses and aloe. Check in with your pediatrician if there are blisters. The greatest concern with a bad sunburn is infection. It's important to stay out of the sun until the burn heals.Listen in as Dr. Corinn Cross explains what you need to know about sun safety.

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