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Summer Party Safety

May 25, 20169 min
Summer parties bring special concerns for keeping your children safe.With summer almost upon us, it’s time for outdoor parties. There are special safety concerns to keep in mind with outdoor dining and activities.Firepits and grills are dangerous. You must practice good fire safety habits. Supervise children around any open flame. Keep games and activities away from the fire. Cover fires to avoid spark burns.Keep the food fresh so no one gets food poisoning. Cold foods need to stay cold, so keep ice on hand to chill food. Hot food should be in insulated containers to keep it hot. Refrigerate perishables as soon as possible if you are able.Be sure kids are old enough to use a trampoline. Put the safety net around the perimeter. Watch your children in bounce houses.Be cautious of summer pests. Get some bug repellant and a first aid kit. Apply sunscreen, and apply it often.Heat stroke is a risk. Stay hydrated. Adults should be cautious of alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water. Get an app to contact a driver if you are too tipsy.Dr. Debra Mulligan joins host Melanie Cole, MS, to share how to keep your children safe at summer parties.

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