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Swim Safety for Pools & Beaches

May 25, 20169 min
Keep your children safe around swimming pools and other bodies of water.The main reasons for drowning deaths are lack of swimming ability, lack of barriers, lack of supervision, location of where swimming, failure to wear life jackets on boats, and alcohol consumption.If your child plans to swim, plan to be a participant. Nominate another adult as a supervisor. Make sure the kids know who is the "water watcher" and give that adult some kind of garment or badge to make it easy for the kids to identify who is on duty.Enroll your children in water safety classes. Install a pool alarm, locks and covers on your own pool. Learn basic CPR. Keep a mobile phone near the pool to call emergency services. Put up a fence around the pool. If a child goes missing, always check the swimming pool first.The lifeguard can't watch everyone at the beach. Be sure you or your adult friend remains near the children when they are in the water. Learn the colors of the flags to avoid dangers. Teach kids about swimming parallel to the beach to survive rip currents. Make sure your children get your permission before diving.Dr. Debra Mulligan joins host Melanie Cole, MS, to share how to keep your child safe around swimming pools and bodies of water.

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