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Talking to Teens & Families About Marijuana

April 4, 201717 min
Legalization of marijuana is changing, and fast. How do you talk to teens and families about the shift?Legalization of marijuana is shifting, and fast.Some state laws have changed, making marijuana legal for adults for medicinal and recreational use. This complicates the discussion within the family sphere. To clarify, minors cannot receive medical marijuana for specific conditions without written parental consent. Recreational use is only legally permitted for those over 21.Officially, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) would like more research on the benefits provided by medicinal use of marijuana. Use of marijuana can change normal brain development. Teens are interested in brain development, making this a great talking point.Regardless of the legality, it's essential to advise your child against riding with someone who has consumed alcohol or marijuana. Most importantly, set a good example for your child. You can share your personal experiences with your teen, but don’t go into explicit detail. Have an open discussion in a non-judgmental way. Listen as Dr. Seth Ammerman joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share how to successfully discuss marijuana with teens and families.

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