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Traveling Abroad with Children

July 13, 20169 min
Enrich the lives of your children with overseas travel. Prepare for a safe and healthy trip.You want your children to experience the joys of international travel, exposing them to new cultures and languages. You also want to keep them healthy and safe on the journey. While strengthening your family bond while adventuring overseas, planning ahead will make the travel as pleasurable as possible.First, different countries have different requirements so you have to plan ahead. Some paperwork takes six weeks or longer. Travel with birth certificates, health certificates and immunization records. See if there are any shots your family will need ahead of time. If only one parent is traveling with the children, it might be wise to carry a notarized document showing the other parent has consented to the travel.Second, give your children comfort and stress the security of the nation you're visiting. Make sure your child knows that you are concerned with her safety. Even situations like Brexit can be an educational experience.Third, speak with your pediatrician about a medicine box for travel. Consider a fever reducer and cold/allergy medication. Your pediatrician can guide you on stocking the medicine box based on your destination.Finally, be prepared in case you need to visit a pediatrician in another country. If your kids get sick, a local pediatrician will have a better idea of what colds and health conditions are going around. Check your insurance coverage before you travel and get supplemental insurance to be cautious.Listen in as Naveen Mehrotra, MD, discusses smart practices for overseas travel.

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