Real Estate 2020
We are going to share more than Great agents have ever shared before. We have a thriving Real Estate business that has sold almost 100 Million in Team business over past year with Jeff doing close to 60 Million. We have seen this success through using Technology and the Internet. We believe that agent are not being taught today's tactics so we are going to give a sneak peek into our success. We are going to do it Story Telling style as you come aboard our Real Estate ride, as we grow our business selling and Coaching Real Estate. We believe what we do it Real Estate 2020 or the path to successful real estate in the future!
Episode 88: The Shift 2.0!

February 13, 201937 min

37 min
The Solution Soundcloud 87 Mixdown

February 5, 201951 min

51 min
Episode 87: Matt Laricy! Top 5 REALTOR® in Chicago

February 5, 201951 min

51 min
Episode 86: Edna Kimble! #1 Century 21 Agent in Oklahoma

January 30, 201953 min

53 min
Episode 85: Email Marketing is About Leverage!

January 24, 201914 min

14 min
Episode 84: Distribution is Key!

January 23, 201923 min

23 min
Episode 83: Rob Ellerman #1 Agent in Missouri

January 17, 201957 min

57 min
Episode 82: Are you lacking process? Process and Documentation Part 2

January 12, 201922 min

22 min
Episode 81: Coach Jeff Sibbach Talks About Overcoming Functional Obsolescence

January 11, 201937 min

37 min
Episode 80: Are you lacking process? Part 1 of Process and Documentation

January 9, 201933 min

33 min