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May 31, 20175862 min
4:20 pm: Michael Melendez, Director of Policy at the Libertas Institute, joins the show to discuss his recent op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune in which he ponders whether the free market can help solve homelessness issues in Utah

4:35 pm: John Tamny, Editor of RealClearMarkets, joins Rod to give us his thoughts on Donald Trump standing up to G-7 leaders when it comes to the Paris climate agreement

5:50 pm: Unified Police Sheriff Jim Winder on his decision to accept a position as Police Chief in Moab.

6:05 pm: Dr. Kathie Allen, a Democrat running for Utah’s 3rd Congressional seat that’s being vacated by Jason Chaffetz, joins the show to discuss her candidacy

6:20 pm: Former Congressman Ernest Istook, now working in the Political Science department at Utah Valley University, joins the show to discuss why he says Utah must only follow the Constitution with regards to replacing Congressman Jason Chaffetz

6:35 pm: Kim Christy, Deputy Director of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, joins the show to discuss why the group is pushing to receive more money for hunting access to the lands it controls

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