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June 6, 20175842 min
4:20 pm: Christopher Dickey, World News Editor for The Daily Beast, joins Rod to discuss whether or not we are capable of stopping attacks like the one on the London Bridge

4:35 pm: Robert Gillies, Director of the Utah Climate Center at Utah State University, joins the show to discuss the difference in climate change between now and a decade ago

6:05 pm: Jordan Lofthouse, a Strata Ph.D. fellow at Utah State University, joins Rod to discuss the op-ed he co-wrote about the Antiquities Act review doubling as a chance to scale back executive overreaches

6:20 pm: Deanna Wallace, a staff attorney with Americans United for Life, joins Rod to discuss why she says the closure of four Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa are a perfect example of why the organization should be de-funded nationwide

6:35 pm: Melanie Israel, a research associate with the Heritage Foundation, joins the show to discuss her piece in The Daily Signal about how Planned Parenthood has yet to publish its annual report and why American taxpayers should be angry about it

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