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June 16, 20176646 min
4:20 pm: Jenn Oxborrow, Executive Director of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, joins the show to discuss how police missed an opportunity to save the life of Memorez Rackley, who was shot to death, along with her son, by an ex-boyfriend in Sandy last week

4:35 pm: Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor, a member of the UTA Board, joins Rod to discuss his proposal of a “Taxpayers Bill of Rights” that will end transit-oriented development and publicly release any conflict of interest disclosures

5:05 pm: Utah Congressman Rob Bishop joins Rod to discuss his disappointment in Interior Secretary Rob Zinke’s decision to not rescind the Bears Ears Monument, as well as his reaction to yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia

6:05 pm: Philip Hamburger, author and Professor at Columbia Law School, joins the show to discuss his book about the power of unelected bureaucrats

6:20 pm: Sam Balle, a U.S. Marine Corps Recruiter, joins the show to discuss a little known program where the Marines will pay for young Mormons to go on their missions

6:35 pm: Steve Moore, Chief Economist of The Heritage Foundation, joins the show for his weekly conversation with Rod about the nation’s economy

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