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July 27, 2017166 min
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

4:20 pm: Utah Governor Gary Herbert joins the show to discuss today’s meeting with lawmakers about dealing with crime and homelessness in Salt Lake City both now and in the future

4:35 pm: Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, joins Rod to discuss the Obamacare Congressional Exemption, which he says President Trump should end to give him leverage over Congress to repeal the law

6:05 pm: Boyd Matheson, President of the Sutherland Institute, joins Rod for their weekly conversation about the week in politics

6:20 pm: Utah 3rd Congressional District Candidate Chris Herrod joins the show to discuss the upcoming visit by Senator Ted Cruz to campaign on his behalf

6:35 pm: Congresswoman Mia Love joins the show to discuss her op-ed from the Salt Lake Tribune in which she says women deserve a better justice system

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