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August 11, 2017161 min
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Thursday, August 10, 2017

4:20 pm: Jeff Hunt, V.P. of Public Policy at Colorado Christian University, joins the show to discuss why he says, given the issues caused in Colorado, it’s a bad idea to legalize marijuana nationally

4:35 pm: John Cox, V.P. of Government Affairs for Rocky Mountain Power, joins the show to give us RMP’s side of the reaction to a deal with solar providers on rate fees

6:05 pm: Billy Hesterman of the Utah Taxpayers Association joins Rod to discuss his call for state government to stop wasting taxpayer money in the private sector, beginning with UTOPIA network

6:20 pm: Nolan McCaskill, White House Reporter for Politico, joins the show to discuss the growing battle between President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the failure to repeal Obamacare

6:35 pm: Steve Moore, Chief Economist at the Heritage Foundation, joins the show for his weekly visit with Rod about the nation’s economy

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