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August 29, 2017155 min
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Monday, August 28, 2017

4:05 pm: NBC News Radio correspondent Taylor Millard joins the show to give us the latest update on the damage done in the Houston, Texas area by Hurricane Harvey

4:20 pm: KUTV 2 News Weatherman Sterling Poulson joins the show to give us an idea of the weather issues still facing the Houston area

4:35 pm: Community activist Michael Clara joins Rod to discuss the concerns of west side Salt Lake City residents about the drugs and homelessness that is popping up in their neighborhoods following the launch of Operation Rio Grande

5:05 pm: Houston resident Ken Trzecki joins Rod to discuss what life is like in his Houston neighborhood today after Hurricane Harvey and the rainfall that’s followed

5:20 pm: Former University of Utah football and basketball radio play by play announcer Matt Thomas, now working as the radio play by play voice of the Houston Rockets in the NBA, joins Rod to discuss the damage he is seeing in Houston as a result of Hurricane Harvey

5:35 pm: Richard Woodruff of the Utah chapter of the American Red Cross joins Rod to discuss what the organization is doing to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and how you can get involved

6:20 pm: Julia Hall, a museum educator living in Springville, joins the show to discuss how art is meant to educate people about, not glorify, the misdeeds of the people represented in monuments and paintings

6:35 pm: West Valley City Manager Wayne Pyle joins the show to discuss his recent op-ed in the Deseret News that defends the UTOPIA program as a success, and rebuts an earlier op-ed by the Utah Taxpayers Association criticizing the municipally owned fiber network

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