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Rod Arquette Show (Friday, February 1, 2019)

February 19, 2019167 min
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Friday, February 15, 2019

4:20 pm: John Eastman, Constitutional Law Professor at Chapman University, joins Rod to discuss whether President Trump is on strong legal footing when it comes to the national emergency declaration

5:05 pm: University of Utah Law Professor Amos Guiora joins Rod to discuss a bill being run by Representative Brian King that would mandate someone witnessing a crime or accident to call 9-1-1

6:05 pm: Marty Liccardo, Men’s Engagement Specialist with the Utah Department of Health, joins the show to discuss a study that shows approximately 25% of teens were assaulted by a dating partner in 2017

6:20 pm: Senator Jani Iwamoto joins the program to discuss her bill that she says will strengthen campus safety and help avoid another situation like that of Lauren McCluskey, who was killed near her on-campus dorm last year

6:35 pm - Listen Back Friday: We’ll listen back to Rod’s conversations this week with Kate Bradshaw, Director of Responsible Beer Choice Coalition about the LDS Church’s stance against a bill that would allow 4.8% beer to be available in the state’s convenience and grocery stores, and with Alexander Bolton of The Hill on how Trump is dividing Democrats with his anti-socialist comments

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