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Rod Arquette Show (Friday, November 17, 2017)

November 20, 2017169 min
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Friday, November 17, 2017

4:20 pm: Mark Shriver, President of the Save the Children Action Network, joins Rod to discuss why he says it’s important to increase the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit as part of the tax reform plans making their way through Congress

4:35 pm: Steve Moore, Chief Economist at The Heritage Foundation, joins the show for this week’s discussion about the nation’s economy, focusing on the tax reform bills in Congress

6:05 pm: Ramesh Ponnuru, a columnist with Bloomberg News, joins the show to discuss the success President Trump is experiencing placing judges in federal courts

6:20 pm: Glenn Stanton, Director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, joins Rod to discuss why he says marriage should be the number one social justice imperative

6:35 pm - Listen Back Friday: Plus, we’ll revisit Rod’s conversations this week with Emily Jashinsky of the Washington Examiner on the left attempting to justify their skepticism on Bill Clinton’s accusers, and (at 6:50 pm) with Jason Perry of the Hinckley Institute of Politics on how voters may approach the Our Schools Now ballot initiative

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