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Rod Arquette Show (Monday, October 23, 2017)

October 24, 2017161 min
Rod Arquette Show Interview Rundown - Monday, October 23, 2017

4:20 pm: University of Utah Law Professor Amos Guiora joins the program for a conversation with Rod about why he says the people around Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein who knew of his sexual harassment of women are as guilty as Weinstein himself

4:35 pm: Jennifer Hartline, Senior Contributor to The Stream, joins Rod for a conversation on her piece that says the way to fight today’s rape culture is to teach chastity

5:05 pm: Don Peay, Founder of Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife, joins the program to discuss his op-ed in the Deseret News in which he says President Trump is doing his best to restore American values

6:05 pm: Barton Hinkle of the Richmond Times Dispatch joins the show to discuss why he says Americans often agree about more than they realize

6:20 pm: Former U.S. Attorney for Utah, Brett Tolman, joins Rod to discuss how the legal system in Utah will soon use a new tool to assess the risk of defendants to the community when making decisions about bail

6:35 pm: Jay Ratliff, aviation expert for 700 WLW in Cincinnati, joins the show to discuss why it may soon be necessary for airline passengers in some states to provide a passport to travel within U.S. borders

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