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Rod Arquette Show (Monday, September 11, 2017)

September 12, 2017158 min
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Monday, September 11, 2017

4:20 pm: Aviation expert Jay Ratliff joins the show for a discussion about how the airline industry has changed since 9/11, as well as an update on how two recent hurricanes in the southern United States are affecting travel

4:35 pm: Rob Anderson, Chair of the Utah Republican Party, joins Rod to discuss the divide within the party over whether or not to continue a lawsuit against Count My Vote (SB 54), which allows candidates to bypass the caucus convention system and gather signatures to be placed on a primary election ballot

6:05 pm: Alex Chediak, an engineering and physics professor at California Baptist University, joins the show to discuss why he says Americans are losing faith in college

6:20 pm: Immigration attorney David Wilks, who practices in New York, joins the show to discuss his op-ed in the Deseret News asking why the word “amnesty” is a dirty political word when it comes to the Dream Act

6:35 pm: Paul Mero, President and CEO of the Next Generation Freedom Fund, joins Rod to discuss the problem conservatives are having aligning values with public policy

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