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Rod Arquette Show (Thursday, November 16, 2017)

November 17, 2017173 min
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Thursday, November 16, 2017

4:20 pm: Representative Norm Thurston joins Rod to discuss legislation he is planning to run that would guarantee cities don’t infringe on a person’s right to free speech while allowing them to pass clearly defined ordinances

4:35 pm: Marc Giller of and a contributor to The Resurgent joins the show to discuss how rampant sex abuse by men in powerful positions has actually been happening for quite some time, and Democrats enabled it

5:05 pm: Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes joins the show to discuss meetings he has had with Count My Vote supporters, including former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt

6:35 pm: Representative Brad Wilson joins Rod to discuss the legislation he is sponsoring that would require lobbyists on Utah’s Capitol Hill to go through anti-harassment training

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