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Rod Arquette Show (Wednesday, January 10, 2018)

January 11, 2018172 min
4:20 pm: Brandon Beckham, Director of Keep My Voice, joins the show to discuss a new voter initiative to repeal SB54 and rid the state of the signature-gathering route for a candidate to get on the ballot in Utah and return fully to the caucus convention system

4:35 pm: Newly elected Salt Lake County Council Chairwoman Aimee Winder Newton joins the show to discuss the council’s decision to urge the state’s legislature to strengthen Utah’s hate crime laws

5:05 pm: Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes announced today that he will not seek re-election in 2018 and joins the show to discuss his decision

6:05 pm: Sutherland Institute President Boyd Matheson joins Rod for their weekly conversation about the world of politics, which today includes President Trump’s push to bring back earmarks, Steve Bannon and the DACA meeting earlier this week

6:20 pm: State Senator Todd Weiler faced heavy social media backlash this week when he posted that Utah’s polluted air has actually improved over time and he joins the show to discuss Utah’s air and whether more can be done to help improve it

6:35 pm: Scott Greer, Associate Editor of the Daily Caller, joins the show to discuss why he doesn’t think those who want the country to be strong on immigration should worry about President Trump going soft on DACA

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