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Synthetic Music 7/18/12

July 2, 201560 min
So I found an old show that was never uploaded. Can you believe that? So here's a past eipsode of SayWHA Radio:

Last Week on SayWHA Radio we delved into what we feel is the demise of music today. This week we will bring you an entire show on this topic called "Synthetic Music". Why does it seem like more than ever the music put out today is really about nothing more than selling downloads. I know there have been other times nothing but garbage music was being put out but it just seems that majority of the GREAT artists you have to find with a treasure map and the stuff being passed off as music is DOMINATING the radio. We will talk about this and more so tune in and give us your feedback through the SayWHA Radio chat or leave us a message on the Vent Line 281-766-7942. Also as always we will keep you abreast of the the things news from around the world with the SayWHA Headlines.

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