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SN 589: Your Questions, Steve's Answers 244

December 6, 2016129 min
Leo and Steve discuss Android meeting Gooligan, Windows Upgrades bypass Bitlocker, nearly one million UK routers taken down by a Mirai variant, the popular AirDroid app is "Doing it wrong", researchers invent a clever credit card disclosure hack, Cloudflare reports a new emerging botnet threat, deliberate backdoors discovered in 80 different models of Sony IP cameras, we get some closure on our SanFran MUNI hacker, a fun hack with Amazon's Echo and Google's Home, How to kill a USB port in seconds, a caution about keyless entry (and exit), too-easy-to-spoof fingerprint readers, an extremely troubling report from the UK, and finally some good news: the open-source covert USB hack defeating "BeamGun"!... plus a bunch of fun miscellany, some great Sci-Fi reader/listener book news, and... however many questions we're able to get to by the end of two hours!We invite you to read our show notes.
Hosts: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte
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