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STL 38: Brian Boggs' Brainy Machinery

August 23, 201366 min
On this week's edition of Shop Talk Live, we report live from Fine Woodworking Live 2013-the magazine's second annual live event. During the three-day event which included a "build-off," plenty of elective classes and symposiums, and a lot of good natured fun-we were able to grab Asheville, NC chairmaker Brian Boggs. Brian sat down with us to explain his origins as a chairmaker, a Frankensteinian "de-barking" machine he cobbled together himself, and even took some time to answer questions from listenrs.

Modern Woodworkers' Association Pops In

Later on in the show, we welcomed Chris Adkins and Ian Mackay of the Modern Woodworkers' Association for a third-party critique of the show and some good old-fashioned shop talk-hey, that's what we do best!

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