Simple Steps Real Change

Begin With Yes with Paul Boynton

January 24, 201725 min
What and who are your priorities in life? Are you on your own list? Or like so many of us do you put the needs of others first and by the time you get to your needs you are just too tired? What do you want to do in life? Are you ready to make time for your life, for your passions, for your happiness?

On this show Cheryl welcomes one of the true inspirational icons, author, blogger, and all around nice guy Paul Boynton. If you’re ready to figure out how to take a simple step tune in and hear from this dedicated optimist how to say “Yes” to you by leveraging the “Law of Action.” When you take a step, an action, doors begin to open and opportunities appear all because you choose to say “yes” to you. Join Cheryl & Paul as they discuss how to bring about change even when you feel you are most challenged in life.

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