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Intuition with Lisa Campion

April 4, 201725 min
Have you ever had a feeling it the pit of your stomach or coming right from your heart and you knew something before it ever happened? Do you have a sense of what is best for you but you’re not sure if you should believe it or chalk it up to your fears? If you’re ready to appreciate and tune into to that part of you that is both your beacon and your bellwether join Cheryl today as she welcomes Lisa Campion. Lisa is a psychic, counselor and energy healer who helps those that want to develop the ability to trust their own intuition and to make choices that feel right to them. Once believed to be a magical phenomenon Lisa will help us to understand how our intuition is the what we were born with and we can learn to use it to create a better life journey. Discover on today’s show the gift you were born with and learn how use it to take your next Simple Step to a happier place in life.

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