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When the "Accident" Is A Miracle with Mary Cimiluca

September 10, 201426 min
How many times have you bemoaned what hasn't gone well in your life? Do you believe it's just your lot in life or do you see it as a new adventure ripe with promise? Or do you see it as just an accident with no meaning? Cheryl's guest today, the unsinkable Mary Cimiluca, is "The Accidental Producer." Despite significant health & financial challenges, the early death of the love of her life, the murder of her best friend, Mary discovered that every unthinkable life challenge was a new door opening for her. Join Cheryl & Mary as they celebrate the accidents and discover how you can create your own "zero to hero" life story by using whatever you're dealt in life to your advantage. Be prepared to be inspired by a woman who refused to let life's events take her down!

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