The Waves: Gender, Relationships, Feminism

Actually Good News for Women Edition

June 29, 201647 min
June Thomas, Noreen Malone, and Dahlia Lithwick Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, the HBO documentary Suited, and The New York Times' war on "mom hair."Double X is brought to you by Squarespace. Start building your website today at Enter the offer code DOUBLEX at checkout to get 10 percent off.And by, offering luxury bedding at affordable prices. Order right now and they'll give you 20 percent off, plus free shipping. Get sheets, towels, blankets, duvet covers, and more at and use the promo code DOUBLEX.And by SeatGeek. SeatGeek pulls in ticket options from hundreds of online ticket sellers to create a one-stop shop for tickets—for sporting events, music concerts, and more. Use the promo code DOUBLEX in the SeatGeek app and get a $20 rebate off your first purchase—or shop online at

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