The Waves: Gender, Relationships, Feminism

Naked Amy Schumer Edition

December 9, 201550 min
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone discuss Tashfeen Malik, false narratives of anorexia with Slate's Katy Waldman, and the 2016 Pirelli calendar.Double X is brought to you by Club W, leading the "grape to glass" wine revolution. Answer just six simple questions at and their algorithm will create a Palate Profile just for you. Get wine directly to your door, perfectly customized to match your taste. For 50 percent off your first order, go to by Squarespace. Start building your website today at Enter the offer code GIST at checkout to get 10 percent off. Squarespace—Build it Beautiful.And by, the company that makes luxury bedding affordable. Get the nicest sheets you've ever owned for about half the price of what stores and boutiques are charging. Order right now and they'll give you $50 off a set of sheets, plus free shipping. Go to and use the promo code DOUBLEX.

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