Slate's Political Gabfest

The Killers and Rapists Edition

July 2, 201557 min
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and special guest Matt Yglesias recap the recently ended Supreme Court term, discuss the dire economic situation in Greece, and debate the worthiness of Donald Trump's candidacy. The Slate Political Gabfest is sponsored by SundanceNow Doc Club! The new streaming service for everyone who loves documentaries. Discover unforgettable films like The Queen of Versailles, The Staircase, and The Weather Underground. To get a free 30-day trial go to And by Ziprecruiter. With Ziprecruiter, you can post your job to over 100 job sites with a single click and an interface that's easy to use. Right now, you can try ZipRecruiter for free! Go to And by Trunk Club. Answer a few simple questions about your look, style, and size, and receive a trunk full of great looking clothes that fit perfectly and make you look amazing. Only pay for the clothes you keep, and shipping is free. Go to Join Sla

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