Slate's Political Gabfest

The "There Once Was a Union Maid But Not Anymore" Edition

January 14, 201654 min
On this week’s Slate Political Gabfest, Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the tightening race between Hillary and Bernie for Iowa, the Supreme Court’s upcoming blow to unions, and Sean Penn’s controversial interview with Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo.’The Slate Political Gabfest is brought to you by Buy and print official U.S. postage using your own computer and printer, and save up to 80% compared to a postage meter. Sign up for and get a 4-week trial and a $110 bonus offer when you use the promo code GABFEST.And by Bonobos. Bonobos takes the pain and hassle out of finding stylish clothes that fit. For a limited time, all new customers can get 20 percent off their first order at slash gabfest—that's B-O-N-O-B-O-S dot com slash gabfest. Discover the difference that an expertly crafted, better-fitting wardrobe can make.And by HelloFresh, the meal kit delivery service that makes cooking fun, easy, and convenient! Each week,

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