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#WalkingDead Podcast: Season 5 Midseason Premiere

February 9, 201522 min
Welcome back! With the return of Season 5, listen to a recap of the midseason premiere, "What Happened and What's Going On.”
This is Slate's Walking Dead podcast recap and spoiler special, hosted by Mike Vuolo and Chris Wade.
Mike is the host of Lexicon Valley and a senior producer for Slate podcasts. Chris is a producer for the Slate Video team. Be forewarned: We’ll do our best to make this a weekly recap, but we might miss a week or two.
For the second half of Season 5, Slate Plus members will have early access to the podcast. Approximately twenty-four hours after the podcast has been published for members, we'll allow non-members to access the latest episode. 
Slate Plus members can also leave questions and comments for Mike and Chris on the podcast show page.

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