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Grassroots Football Survey 2016

October 6, 20166 min
Last month the Football Association launched the 2016 Grassroots Football Survey, gathering much needed feedback from players, coaches, referees, staff and volunteers on the state of the grassroots game. At a time when the professional game is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, grassroots football continues to represent what is pure about our National game, but is it getting the support it deserves?

This is the second year the Football Asscoiation has run a survey collecting feedback from the general public on the work that it does, primarily through its County Associations. Last years survey was completed by nearly 30,000 people involved with football, across the country. Facilities, the state of pitches and changing rooms, were the focus for many respondents.

If you are involved in football in anyway then the Football Association want to hear from you. Visit and have your say.

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