Sports Cast - 01/25/17

January 25, 2017128 min
SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, Josh Rants On Political Facebook Posts, Are Dinosaurs Still Alive, A Nightmare Vacation, Aaron Rodgers Needs Help, Do Free Agents Want to Play in Green Bay?, Big Ben Fed Up With Mike Tomlin and The Steelers.

SEGMENT II: Cause Ya Had A Bad Day, Colts Fire Their GM, Is Indy The Best Job In The NFL, Super Bowl LI, Auctioneers Rap Master, and More

SEGMENT III: Shot of the Week, MLB Loses Two Players in Car Crashes, Brent Musberger Retires, Drunk of the Week, Pacman Jones Tells Cop to Die, You Got Knocked The Fuck Out, and More.

SEGMENT IV: Wide World Of Sports, Near Death Experiences, Skier Falls Off Cliff And Survives, LeBron Says He Needs More Help, Stop Bitching LeBron, Should the Lakers Tank the Rest of the Season?, Tiger Woods Returns to Golf, Traveling In the NBA, and more.

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