Sports Cast - 01/31/17

January 31, 2017132 min

SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, Knocker Is Always Angry, Josh Gets Blocked By Kristine Leahy, John Lynch New GM In SF, Carson Palmer and Larry Fitz Future, Romo And The Broncos, and Much More.

SEGMENT II: Super Bowl 51 Preview, Predictions, and Prop Bets

SEGMENT III: Shot of the Week, Worst Flop In The History Of Sports, Hockey Ref Fires Back At Player, Snowmobile Double Backflip, Cause Ya Had A Bad Day, Parents Smoke Pot With Their Kids For The First Time, Snoop Dogg Drops F-Bombs On Live TV, Lane Kiffin's Horrible Recruitment Video and More.

SEGMENT IV: Wide World of Sports, Lebron vs. Charles Barkley, Le'Veon Bell's New Song "Shrimp Bayless", Conor McGregor vs Dana White, Ronda Rousey's Career In UFC Is Over, Hot Takes, and More.

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